Success-Essential Contacts Program

Boost win rates with superior Relationship Management

Prioritize, monitor, and strengthen relationships with the right people critical to your success in acquiring new clients, protecting existing clients, and growing revenue.

Lack of Relationships with the Right People is an underlying cause of countless Lost Sales Opportunities

Sales Leaders report seeing this issue in various forms.

  • Deals single-threaded through 1 or 2 people

  • Sales team unaware of a broader buying team

  • Not engaging Contacts with actual decision making authority or buying power

  • Overlooked Contacts who were critical stakeholders

  • Not broadly networked into strategic account

  • Engagement with influencers is infrequent and not meaningful

Lost deals chess pieces
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Gain a competitive sales advantage

Our Success-Essential Contacts Program dramatically improves stakeholder management.  And it's Salesforce-enabled.

With a fusion of process improvement and CRM technology tailored to your buyers, this engagement empowers your B2B sales team to effectively establish and nurture strong relationships with critical stakeholders in key accounts and during sales cycles.


Program Deliverables

Contact Relationship Management within Salesforce

  • An App, for your Sales, Strategic Account, & Customer Success teams
  • Ability to visualize and manage org charts on Key Accounts & Opportunities
  • Ready-to-populate org chart templates tailored to your buyers
  • Org charts optimized for Sales Coverage & Engagement Tracking
  • Functions for your team to track Supporters, Foes, & Influencers
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Dashboards & Engagement Ratings

  • Visuals showing positions of strength and risk across key accounts & opportunities
  • Mix of Dashboards for Leadership, Product Sales Teams, & Key Account Managers
  • Insights into buying committee coverage for Active Opportunities
  • Insights into business expansion target contacts for key accounts
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Documented Buyer Profiles for Consistent Sales Engagement

  • Documented prototypical stakeholder profiles for your solutions
  • Documentation on buyers' pains and motivations
  • Documented Journey Map for whom to engage at each stage
  • Diagrams of buying committees aligned to your products & market segments
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Salesforce Aligned to your Success-Essential Contacts

  • Scoring algorithm custom fields to evaluate relationship strength and engagement
  • Custom CRM fields to segment contacts by your buyer profiles
  • A plan for Contact sourcing & CRM population for targeted buyer profiles
  • Automations to feed visual indicators on org charts
  • Org chart app adapted to your sales cycles and key account strategies
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(Only interested in Salesforce-enabled relationship mapping and not a broader, buyer profiling engagement?  Not a problem.  We offer the app as a stand-alone option as well.  Still use the button below to schedule a meeting to learn more.)

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Benefits of the Success-Essential Contacts Program

Your Sales Team will be armed with a profile-based approach to selling, supported by a custom Salesforce CRM and App, to effectively manage relationships with decision makers that matter.

This ensures your Sales Team consistently performs the following:
  • Pursues the larger buying group, never again overlooking a key player

  • Gains access to decision makers with purchasing power

  • Exposes any gaps or political risks given the current sentiments of each contact

  • Records evidence of progress with each contact

  • Reinforce day-to-day sales activities to drive stronger relationships

  • And if you have a team-selling model or have multiple business lines selling into the same account, contact coverage and networking can better coordinated across your teams