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sales operations

Leveraging 17 years of experience supporting B2B sales organizations, we offer engagements to establish and activate the components, programs, and tools necessary to support an early stage or growth-mode Sales department.  We can help in the following areas:

Sales Planning

  • Sales Quota Planning & Policies
  • Sales Territories & Assignments
  • Market / Customer Segmentation

Sales Management

  • Performance Metrics, Tracking & Analytics
  • Sales Rep / Manager On-Boarding Programs
  • Board & QBR Presentation Templates
  • Win / Loss Reviews - Internal & with Buyers

Lead Management Systems

  • Lead Scoring
  • Lead-to-Sales Turnover Process

Sales Cycle Support

  • Internal Win Plan Review Templates / Process
  • Deal Control / Joint Success Templates / Process
  • Deal Configuration & Pricing Engines
  • Profitable Contracting Systems (See below)​​


E-mail: Info@OpsPlusLLC.com

Phone:  (804) 784-2321

Advisory & Managed Services

sales operations

​Leveraging 17+ years of enterprise Sales Operations experience, we offer systems, best practices, and tools to give companies a competitive edge with Streamlined Workflows, better Enabled Sales Teams, and Profitable Contracts.​


Culminating in Sales Playbooks, our Sales Enablement engagements promote marketing and sales alignment and offers your Sales Teams the process, procedures, tools and supporting technology they need to become productive quicker, streamline the flow of information, perform better, and have meaningful conversations with buyers.

profitable contracting system

Reduce your business risk and the lengthy time spent during the Pricing and Contracting phases.  We help clients design and deploy the procedures, sales tools, and technology necessary for sales teams to consistently and efficiently generate pricing, proposals, and profitable contractual arrangements with buyers.

​Sales Operations as a service

Serving as an extension of your Sales Team, we can perform the Sales Operations function on an on-going basis, supporting your Sales Team in the following ways:

  • Salesforce CRM Administration Services
  • Sales performance reporting and analysis
  • Maintenance and updates to internal Sales Structure and Processes
  • Maintenance of Sales Territories & Assignments
  • Maintenance of Account Assignments
  • As-needed assistance with budgeting/planning, quota coverage analysis, and distribution of quotas
  • PLUS, we would be happy to explore other ideas you may have for operational help you may need

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